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Raw solar energy is a key component of the photosynthetic process of growing plants, but it can also be harnessed through solar panels and converted into a valuable asset for agricultural businesses to save money, increase energy independence, and reduce pollution.

Many farmers use solar panels for farm use to power their irrigation systems. These are relatively simple to set up, and they help ensure a reliable irrigation system throughout the year that is independent of the energy grid.

Designing buildings and barns to leverage natural daylight instead of using electric lights can create significant savings for farms. It’s common throughout the dairy industry to leverage “long day” lighting with skylights and windows to increase production and save money on electricity bills.

Off-Grid, Hybrid, Grid-Tied?

So many terms. So many options. So much confusion?? Alternative energy options can seem a bit confusing at first, but we’re here to help! We will work together with you to understand your needs, wants and desires and then help you decide on the best approach for your farm or agricultural facility. No two farms are alike and this personal one-on-one approach will help us understand your unique, agricultural needs.

Learn more about your options:

Learn more about your options:

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Solar Hybrid - Agriculture.jpg
Solar Grid-Tied - Agriculture.jpg

No more electricity bills. No more grid blackouts. No more concerns about rising energy costs.

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An inverter powers the farm's loads primarily from the battery (and renewable) energy while remaining connected to an AC power source.

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Supply self-generated electricity from renewable energy sources to Alberta's electrical grid in exchange for credits toward their variable energy costs.

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