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3B Energy is a community-focused organization. We work with local governments and educational institutions in the development of programs like open houses to educate the public, applied studies projects to develop further understanding of how to best use solar in industry, and explore opportunities for Community implementation.

Most recently 3B Energy has been working with communities to educate them about the newly developed provincial, Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP).

The Clean Energy Improvement Program provides residential and commercial property owners with access to competitive, long-term financing to cover up to 100% of their project costs with no down payment required.

Accessing affordable financing is one of the largest barriers that property owners face when deciding to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades. Individuals may not have the money upfront or are worried about selling the property before getting their investment back. The Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP), a made-in-Alberta approach to Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), will make it easier for property owners to overcome these barriers.

Frequently asked questions

What is the opportunity?

To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.Are you looking for an additional revenue stream for your business? Have you considered adding solar and then realized it just might not be a good fit because of the huge learning curve needed to do an accurate Solar and financial analysis or limited human resources available in your organization?​When solar first emerged as an energy source in the Canadian market, distributors were only big warehouses that served as the middle-man between the buyer and the manufacturer who handled the job-by-job logistics. Today, top solar companies like 3B Energy do much more, providing guidance, business support and design services.“Anyone can stock products and sell them.”​Introducing the 3B Energy “Community Partner Program”. These days it seems everyone is jumping on the green bandwagon. This is great news for the renewable energy sector. It's also a challenge for 3B logistically to adequately service our customers throughout Alberta while maintaining the top-quality service customers have come to expect from 3B.​In an aim to follow our mission to “Create Affordable, Cost-Effective, Green Energy solutions that are simple, sustainable and affordable for our customers. We are seeking established, proactive, forward thinking electrical service companies with strong community ties to add to our “Community Partners Program”.

What is a Community Partner?

A Community Partner is simply a local electrical service company chosen by 3B Energy to be our exclusive install/service partner in a specific community. There are many companies out there that tend to have a one size fits all approach, that is NOT 3B Energy. Using state of the art Solar Modelling (Helioscope) and Financial analysis software (energy toolbase) we create personalized site assessments and financial analysis for our clients. We provide this as a FREE service. Once we have a signed agreement in place with the client, we provide our “Community Partners” with a complete solar package (all DC components) and coordinate installation between the client and the Community Partner. (In addition to being compensated for the solar installation, revenue can be earned by providing Solar leads to 3B Energy)

Can anyone be a Community Partner?

No. Only established electrical companies with longstanding community ties. We’re looking for partners that are recognized as community leaders with a proven track record. Our entire focus is community-based service employing local people. Is it an exclusive opportunity to become a Community Partner? Normally we only have one Community Partner in a given geographic area with a population of 100,000 or less.

How do I become a Community Partner?

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