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No more electricity bills. No more grid blackouts. No more concerns about rising energy costs.

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An inverter powers the facilities loads primarily from the battery (and renewable) energy while remaining connected to an AC power source.

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Supply self-generated electricity from renewable energy sources to Alberta's electrical grid in exchange for credits toward their variable energy costs.

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Municipal Solar

Solar energy benefits us all. For individuals, organizations and businesses, going solar can create real opportunities for cost savings and community development. This is especially true for municipal governments. Given their high electricity costs and access to sunny real estate, municipalities are uniquely primed to take advantage of the benefits of going solar.

By generating their own electricity from solar power, municipalities can reduce their monthly electric bills, which means serious cost savings. Powering libraries, municipal office buildings, and maintenance centers requires a lot of energy. For the typical local government, energy expenditures are the second-largest budget item, so saving money on electricity can significantly cut operating expenses.

Thanks to Grid-Tied Systems and the Microgeneration program here in Alberta,  municipal governments – will receive full credit for every unit of electricity produced by their panels that is pushed back into the utility grid. That means their electric bill will go down with every bit of solar electricity they produce. In extra sunny months when solar electricity production outpaces total electricity consumption, solar owners will earn credits they can apply to future monthly electricity bills. Whether a municipality installs solar on a single building or chooses a ground mount to offset all power consumption, the reductions in their monthly electric bills will translate into savings that will last for decades..

Added Benefits

  1. Local economic development - Installing solar panels on one or more of their buildings can help municipalities jump-start the local clean energy economy. You can leverage your community outreach resources to educate constituents about renewable energy systems during installation, growing the local customer base. This can signal to the community that your municipality is committed to growing the local clean energy economy.

  2. Sustainability commitments - Installing solar can help your municipality meet its sustainability goals by decreasing your consumption of fossil fuel-powered electricity and offsetting your carbon emissions.

  3. Resiliency - As battery technology drops in price, many municipalities are considering solar plus storage to use during power outages. These projects are often designed to protect the most vulnerable citizens in times of crisis.

  4. Additionally Municipalities can join the Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP) ADD LINK HERE and offer there tax base an affordable way to adopt Solar improvements on their own homes and businesses.

Off-Grid, Hybrid, Grid-Tied?

So many terms. So many options. So much confusion?? Alternative energy options can seem a bit confusing at first, but we’re here to help! We will work together with you to understand your needs, wants and desires and then help you decide on the best approach for your Municipality. No two communities are alike and this personal one-on-one approach will help us understand your unique, individual needs.

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