Our Partners

3B Energy is partnering with the University of Lethbridge to advance applied research and development that will allow rural and urban municipalities, industries, and agricultural operations to green their electrical supplies. We have been seeking a technology partner to help in developing the solar potential in southern Alberta. The University of Lethbridge is leading the way regionally in innovative design for hybrid solar energy systems; that being solar and wind electric generation, combined with battery technology for electricity storage. Both solar and wind energy are plentiful resources in southern Alberta. Transitioning southern Albertans to harnessing this renewable energy will financially help communities by providing local energy investment and energy stability for economic development. This has an added advantage; the development of renewable energy in southern Alberta helps to minimize the greenhouse gas footprint of all Albertans.

The University of Lethbridge, a number of regional municipalities, and 3B Energy are working to improve the economic stability of communities by protecting them against extreme weather events and stabilizing their energy supply. Our work together will sustain community economies and Real Estate values across southern Alberta and beyond.

Our Relationships

At 3B Energy, we believe relationships are key to success.  In an effort to provide our clients with the best installations, we have partnered with industry leaders in Engineering, Solar Analysis and Financial assessment.

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EnSolar was founded to provide renewable energy solutions to residential, commercial, industrial and institutional organizations around the world. We specialize in Solar Photo-Voltaic (PV), Solar Water Heating, Solar Air Conditioning and high efficient Solar LED lighting systems. EnSolar solar products are competitively priced and manufactured using high-quality materials. Our solutions are engineered to make installation and integration easy for all users.


In 2006, SolarEdge revolutionized the solar industry by inventing a better way to collect and manage energy in PV systems. SolarEdge is a global leader in smart energy technology. By deploying world-class engineering capabilities and with a relentless focus on innovation, they create smart energy products and solutions that power peoples lives and drive future progress.


When it comes to Solar Modeling Folsom Labs - Helioscope is our software choice.  HelioScope was developed to simplify the process of designing and engineering Solar Arrays. By combining streamlined layout tools with bankable energy simulations, HelioScope helps solar installers improve their design speeds by 5x-10x.

AP Systems

APsystems offers advanced, powerful solar microinverter technology for residential and commercial systems. The APsystems microinverter solution combines highly efficient power inversion with user-friendly monitoring to bring you reliable, sustainable energy. Our proprietary system architecture increases solar harvest and ensures maximum output for PV arrays, and our strong commitment to Research & Development continues to bring new technologies and products to the marketplace.


Aiduo Solar is a high-tech enterprise taking photovoltaic R&D and manufacturing as its core industry. Their company is mainly engaged in the PV cells, PV modules and the design, development, production and sales of the photovoltaic system. Their products are widely applied into front-end fields, for instance, commercial, household and industrial off-grid and grid-connection solar power generation system as well as photovoltaic power station etc


Hoymiles is a world's leading microinverter company specializing in MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) solutions for global solar investors and end-users. As one of the fastest-growing solar inverter brands globally, Hoymiles offers a safer, smarter & easier module-level MPPT & module-level monitoring microinverter in over 50 countries covering the United States, Europe, the UK, Australia, India, Japan, Korea, South East Asia, Middle East & South Africa.

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