Enjoy complete control and unleash your creativity. Turn on a couple of lights for beautiful accent lighting for your front entry. What about the back yard?   No problem, with StarLights you can easily connect into our multizone feature enabling you to control each zone separately and independently. The only limitation is your imagination


StarLights are state of the art DMX512 Smart Pixel Industrial lights they provide full spectrum light including, Warm White LED. Use the warm white lights for soft ambient lighting, lighting for every occasion and every season! Create incredible full spectrum colors including true white (not just RGB) all at your fingertips.  Showcase your favorite Sports Teams, National Holidays, Charity Events, Birthdays and More! (Including Halloween and Christmas)


StarLights are not one just long string of lights, where if one light goes out the whole string goes out. No need to change the whole string. Between each individual light is our industrial grade water tight screw connector that make it easy to plug in and out individual pixels for easy replacement. Our Colour matched mounting track matches your soffit and fascia. The low profile  design of our track allows your lights to appear hidden during the day, while providing beautiful StarLights at night! 

Starlight Smart LED Kit - 500 Linear Feet

Autumn Red Channel: Red
Grey Channel: Grey
Blue Channel: Blue
White Channel: White
Autumn Green Channel: Autumn Green
  • LEDs will last 50,000 hours on average so generally, no maintenance is needed. We do, however, offer a full 3-year warranty on our products.