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Site Assessments

Your experience is our priority. At first, the variety of options for energy independence can be intimidating. Rest assured that 3B Energy will do everything we can to ensure you’re happy with your project, this starts with a site assessment. We will travel and install anywhere in Alberta! We measure solar access, we assess shading, and weather data for your specific location to determines which alternative energy options will work best for you.  

What is a Site Assessment?

A site assessment provides you with the information necessary to see if Solar is a viable solution for your needs. The assessment will include your necessary system size and a financial analysis based on current utility rates.

Our site assessment is free. We determine and document the best locations for solar generation. We will measure and quantify sun data and solar access, extracting seasonal daily sun hours to calculate production and size the array to suit expected consumption from your load analysis.  We measure wire runs, roof space, find true south, and complete a shade analysis. We can complete all of the tasks necessary for the Basic Site Assessment and financial review without even stepping on your property.  We only need three things from the client to complete a site assessment: 

  1. Permission – via a third-party authorization so we can speak with the Utility Company to gather data.

  2. Preferably 1 year of electrical bills but minimum 4 months (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall)

  3. GPS Coordinates to the site.

The site assessment is done remotely using satellite imagery, the latest technology in solar production modelling as well as financial viability analysis modelling. Once the Site Assessment is complete a member of our team will make arrangements to do a complete review of the assessment either in person (preferably) or via video conferencing.

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