About Us

3B Energy is a company that strives to provide customers with the best innovative solar programs in Alberta.


Our commitment drives our team to ensure that each step in the process is accomplished with the highest level of professionalism and in a timely manner. Providing our clients with a high-quality Solar installation, that will perform for decades.

At 3B Energy, we believe in empowerment through knowledge, and building trust through transparency. Located in the sun-soaked Southern Alberta, we also service the entire Province of Alberta. Looking to reduce your energy bill through grid-tied, or leave the grid and your electrical provider behind? Through our specialized expertise, strategic best-in-class partnerships, and genuine passion, we will provide alternatives and develop solutions for you!

What we do different

Established in Lethbridge Alberta, 3B Energy's goal is to provide clear and reliable energy alternatives. Energy solutions are complex and your specific needs are considered carefully.

Imagine the different energy needs for a retired couple who has their family visit on weekends vs. an active family of four. Where other companies may offer all-in-one or one size fits all solutions, we understand every customer’s needs are different and will create a custom plan for you. We work with you to discover and define your objectives and needs and put a plan in place to meet them.

While others may be focused on making a sale, we are driven by a consultative approach that provides complete solutions that work!

Solar Panels on Roof

No more electricity bills. No more grid blackouts. No more concerns about rising energy costs.

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An inverter powers the home's loads primarily from the battery (and renewable) energy while remaining connected to an AC power source.

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Supply self-generated electricity from renewable energy sources to Alberta's electrical grid in exchange for credits toward their variable energy costs.

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Meet our COO, Milo Holthe

In an effort to simplify his life, consolidate interests, and lessen his environmental impact, Milo and his family moved to Glenwood, Alberta. He believes in sustainable, self-reliant, living. Which led to the creation of 3B Energy with two other partners in 2018.